Why I love METTA GOOD?

These are the stories of real women who use our products. A real product for real people...


Rachel Znerold  

Artist / Painter / Art Activist 

" METTA GOOD is pure nourishment for my lips and sensitive skin-- it works wonders on my wind-blown cheeks and dry spots when I'm on the go. And with so many yummy all-natural scents, it feels like a mini indulgence every time I put it on! "  RachelZArt.com

Zehra Saat

Designer / Animal Lover / Wine Drinker

"METTA GOOD's blood orange / vanilla lip balm is my jam. It's like a freshly peeled blood orange, sweetened ever so slightly with vanilla. It's like a creamsicle popsicle, not too sweet, yet tart in just the right way. Reminds me of hot summer days as a child running around barefoot with a melting popsicle running down my hand, so good!"

IMG_4096 copy.jpg

Thao Jaa  

Mother / Maker / Florist

"It's the consistency I love. Never have I had so many people ask me what lip balm I am wearing. It's smooth and buttery, without being greasy or too glossy. I buy them for all my friends, so they'll stop asking for mine! It's great that Metta Good gives a percentage of their proceeds to nonprofits. We all need each other and I specifically buy brands that believe in community, like Metta Good. I trust their products and believe in their business practices. Thank you METTA GOOD, you're rockin' it!"